Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Update: April Week 3:

The weather is cooling at last and quickly the leaves are changing colour before the cold of winter strips them from the trees and vines.

Lowest Min 4.6C
Highest Max 23.4C
19mm Rain


Kohl Rabi in Bed 2 top up of ones stolen by thieves!!! probably earwigs
Spinach Tape in bed 9

Potting on:
Cabbage Red Dutch
Cauliflower Macerata Green
Crystal Leaf
Red Choi

Blueberry Evergreen "Nellie Kelly"
Golden Daisy Bush Euryops pectinatus
Rosemary Pink
Variegated Elderberry

 Planted out:
Cabbage Red Choi in bed 9
Onions Red in Bed 2 Purchased seedlings
Parsley Curled
Parsley Italian into Bed 14 with the Loganberry


We are busily clearing areas and moving beds in between I chop back plants I take cuttings so I'll have more to plant around the garden later.

The Blueberry cuttings came from a broken piece off a damaged plant from Bunnings. The man there marked the price down by half and said I could easily take some cuttings from the broken bit...(do you think he knew me??) 
I know Blueberries will struggle to grow here in our alkaline soil but... 
  • I've bought some acid potting mix and 
  • I will only water it with rain water and
  •  it will be living in a wicking tub BUT 
  • now I've found out I'll need to get another one for better pollination!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Update: April Week 2

Lots of new seedlings ready for potting up this week as the weather stays warm. Still no sign of any rain though...

Lowest Min 9.8C
Highest Max 30.5C
No Recorded Rain

Potting on:

Cabbage Red Dutch
Cauliflower Mini
Lettuce Red and Green Salad mix
Alyssum Royal Carpet
Kale Red Bor

Kale Vates Blue 
Purchased Curled and Italian Parsley seedlings 

Planted out:
Plarsley Curled
Parsley Italian
Celery Tendercrisp
Added to the Garlic in Bed 10

Not a lot happened in the garden last week. We were busy making toys for Microman's First Birthday!!!! His party had a Milk and Cookies theme!
Poppy Doc was busy in the workshop building a great Truck Baby Walker which happens to fit a certain set of twins in the front!! Microman himself didn't mind a ride!
I made an Elephant Softie from a pattern by Sarah at Dolls and Daydreams Here  and a Monster Bib from Stubbornly Crafty Here.  I also made a couple of Monster Softies (from Here) for the grandtwins so they didn't feel left out of all the celebrations!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Update: April 2013 Week 1

The weather is still warm during the day keeping the soil warm but the night temps are dropping...the Brassicas all need the warmth to put on growth before the winter frosts arrive. In Bed 16 the Nasturtium seeds have germinated...they are Companion Plants to the Brussels Sprouts but may not be as frost resistant!


Lowest Min 5.8C
Highest Max 29.6C
No Recorded Rain 

Potting on:

Broccoli Royal Dome
Brussels Sprouts Ruby
Kale Lacinato
Kale Vates Blue
Kale Red Bor
Lettuce Gloria
Mizuna Purple
Parsley Curled and Italian
Elderberry cuttings
These went off to a friends garden along with some Common Mint and Sorrel that I dug up from the garden as requested.

Sweet Potato Beauregard (Orange)
Sweet Potato  Hawaiian Sunshine (Purple)
Sweet Potato White
These are for overwintering in the greenhouse

Planted out:

Kale Lacinato
Mizuna Purple
Lettuce Gloria
Upland Cress
Spring Onions Red
Planted into Bed 9
Broccoli Royal Dome
Greek Basil
Planted into Bed 7

The mixed greens in bed 9 have been planted amongst the remaining Carrots and Parsnips from the spring planting...parsnips taste best after a frost. Room has been left for a strip of Spinach (on seed tape) to be planted next week near the carrots.

Even as tiny seedlings  
those Red Veined Sorrels 
Rumex sanguineus  are showing their colour!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2013:

March Growth:
Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Spinach and Radish, Garlic and Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce

Temperatures this month:
Lowest Min 5.3C
Highest Min 21.8C
Lowest Max 16.4C
Highest Max 35.9C
6 mm Rain

Rain: Year To Date: 41mm (Average YTD: 66mm)
Comparison with other years:
March Average is 21mm:
2013 6mm
2012 32.5 mm
2011 49.8mm
2010 7mm
2009 13mm
2008 0mm
2007 29.7mm

Weather Highlights?
It was a hotter than usual beginning to March with the temp hovering in the mid thirties until the middle of the month. Since then the mornings have been getting cooler, some even quite chilly so we know the first frosts are just around the corner!

This Month:
As with seed sowing and planting out, harvesting has been done around 3 market weekends this month. The fruit garden has been neglected this season and it shows in the harvests...the birds ate most of this years fruit. We have had several visits with the Grandtwins plus 1, including having them visit us at the last market which was a real treat! 

The Grandtwins go to the carrot patch each visit and pull their own carrots...purple or yellow...once washed they munch them in the garden.

Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries I have been picking Silverbeet, Celery, Gotu Kola, Lettuces, Parsley, Beetroot and Sweet Potato Leaves which are not always weighed.
Beetroot 302g
Carrots 240g
Cucumber 300g
Potatoes 1080g
Pumpkin 1120g
Tommy Toe Tomatoes 4570g
Zucchini Early 2360g
Zucchini Golden 655g
Total Veg Harvest for March   10.6Kgs

Apples 470g
Peaches 1471g
Pears 842g

Total Fruit Harvest for March  2.8Kg

Total Eggs for March : 61 eggs.
36 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
0 From the Lone Barnevelder
25 From the 4 Faverolles

March  of Previous Years:

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Update: Mid to End of March...

The early plantings of Garlic and Brussels Sprouts have benefited from the warm conditions during March and put on good growth.

Lowest Min 7.1C
Highest Max 35.9C
 6mm Rain


Spinach Viking Spinacia oleracea Easy Sow Tape from Mr Fothergill's
Onion Early Californian Red
Allium cepa Easy Sow Tape from Mr Fothergill's
Radish Oriental Raphanus sativus from DT Brown
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes from The Seed Collection
These have been direct sown into Beds 2&3
Nasturtium Gleam Trailing  Tropaeolum majus from Goodman Seeds direct sown in Bed 16
Alyssum Royal Carpet Lobularia maritima from The Seed Collection
Cabbage Red Dutch Brassica oleracea var. capitata from The Seed Collection
Cabbage Red Choi F1 Brassica rapa var. chinensis from Green Hartvest
Calendula Lemon Daisy Calendula officinalis from MrFothergill's
Chinese Broccoli Kailaan Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra from The Seed Collection
Cauliflower Macerata Green Brassica oleracea botrytis from The Seed Collection
Cauliflower Mini Brassica oleracea from Diggers
Corn Salad Valerianella locusta from Phoenix seeds
Ice Plant Crystal Leaf Mesembryanthemum crystallinum from Green Harvest I should have read this first Looks like these plants will have to spend winter in the greenhouse
Lettuce Red and Green Salad Lactuca sativa from DT Brown
Silverbeet Erbette Beta vulgaris from Select Organic
Sweet Pea Hi Scent (Not Edible) Lathyrus odoratus from Mr Fothergill's
Thyme Thymus vulgaris from DT Brown
These seeds were sown in punnets

Potting on:
Broccoli Royal Dome
Brussels Sprouts Ruby
Kale Red Bor
Kale Vates Blue Curled
Red Clover
Red Veined Sorrel
Salad Burnett

Planted out:
Snow Pea Climbing Mammoth Melting (see here)
Peas Dwarf Onward planted into Bed 3
Beetroot Bulls Blood, Golden Detroit and Cylindra into Bed 2

 Newly sown seeds germinate so fast in the warm conditions!

New Garden maps I'm working on - I've culled the number of beds down to 17 (so far). The larger beds in the "Main Veg Garden" are to be removed and replaced by more fruit trees. I have found the fruit trees are more productive on less water than the intensive veg beds. The Kitchen Garden area will now be the main growing area...closer to the house and with several smaller beds that will be easier to manage and water. 
 In Bed 3: Seedlings planted and seeds sown so over a net goes...there are a lot of little grasshoppers hanging around!! Any Autumn planting need to be netted for a while or be eaten! With the warmer than usual March temperatures the Radish and Spinach seeds have germinated quickly...much better than last year where no spinach seeds germinated at all.
Goes to show that seed suppliers vary in the quality of seed they sell. These Spinach Seed Tapes from Mr Fothergill's were so easy to use...just dig a trench, lay out the tape, cover and stand back and wait as the seeds germinate. Seeds are spaced so that I'll have minimal thinning out to do...I'll just pick the young spinach plants when they are big enough to use as "baby spinach" and leave the others to grow to full size!


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