Monday, 27 August 2012

The Seeds Have Been Chosen: Part 6

My list of seeds for Spring and Summer planting continues...with notes.
I'll split them up into suppliers lists:
Mr Fothergill's have sent me some of their new seeds/products to try again!

 Chilli Peppers  - Chilli Shake Mix Capsicum frutescens
Optimal Soil temp 20C 

A collection of multi colours and heat levels

Hot and Spicy Sprout seed mix Radish Red Arrow Raphanus sativus, Kale Red Russian Brassica fimbriata, Broccoli Brassica oleracea
Sow all year round and harvest within a week - fast food at it's healthiest
These packs are great as you should only ever sprout seeds that are sold for sprouting (or maybe eating) others may have been treated (this applies to most retail planting seeds from any source).

Tomato - Tommy Toe Organic Lycopersicon esculentum Seed Raiser Kit
Optimal Soil temp 30C 

These kits would be great for beginner gardeners (never had anything like this when I was starting out!!) also these would make a great activity to share with your kids.
Comes complete with seeds, a large Jiffy®  Quick soil mix pellet and a re-useable mini greenhouse container.

A selection from the Johnson's Seeds range.
Each comes with good instructions on the back and their own nifty little plastic plant label on the front of the pack.

Melon - Honey Dew Cucumis melo 
Sweet melon with green flesh Fruit up to 2.5kgs with smooth skin
Optimal Soil temp 32C
These should be nice with the Rockmelons I'm growing this year

Tomato - Black Krim Lycopersicon esculentum
Dark fruit with intense flavour good for slicing, salads and cooking
Optimal Soil temp 30C 
Another yummy looking Black tomato I haven't tried yet

Parsley Root - Hamburg Atika Petroselinum crispum
Optimal Soil temp 21C 

A duel purpose the tops like flat leaved parsley; eat the root like parsnip
I was after some of these to try this year but forgot to order any!!!


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