Monday, 27 August 2012

The Seeds Have Been Chosen: Part 5

My list of seeds for Spring and Summer planting continues...with notes and reasons for choice on some. :)
I'll split them up into suppliers lists:
Select Organic Seeds

Coriander - Cilantro - Slow Bolting Coriandrum sativum
Strain best suited for fresh leaves.
Tasty leaves and seeds used.
Optimal Soil temp 17C  Seeds prefer darkness to germinate
Chosen for "Slow Bolting"

Rocket - Eruca sativa
Hardy annual salad plant.
Optimal Soil temp 21C 
Chosen as an alternative "Green"

Shallots - Bunching Onion Deep Purple Allium fistulosum
Salad onion, straight leaf, forms no bulb. Sow autumn to spring.
Red bunching variety which is highly coloured at all ages.
Optimal Soil temp 23C 
Chosen for colour and because they were listed as Shallots

Silverbeet - Erbette Beta vulgaris
Pale green leaf, thin rib, excellent texture and flavour.
Optimal Soil temp 25C 
Chosen for colour and texture

Squash Button - Jaune et Verte  Cucurbita pepo
Yellow with green striped button squash, bush plants with high yield.
Optimal Soil temp 35C 
Chosen for unusual colour

Tomato - Lycopersicon esculentum Optimal Soil temp 30C
Red Colossus
Long red fruit to 75mm, early maturing, cold tolerant, heavy cropping.
Chosen for size (for a determinate)
Rumsey's  Cross
Flat red fruit to 10cm.
Chosen for name and size
Determinates don't tend to need staking as much as taller varieties of tomatoes which is easier to manage in a wicking bed.

Sunflower  - Giant  Russian Helianthus annuus Optimal Soil temp 30C
2.5-3m tall and often giant flower heading to 30cm.
Chosen as supplement for chook feed and colour in garden
One yellow flower on tall plant.
Chosen as supplement for chook feed and colour in garden

Sorghum Alpha Optimal Soil temp 23C
Stock forage and grain, cover crop.
Chosen as supplement for chook feed

Chickpea -White Cicer arietinum
Optimal Soil temp 20-25C
Chosen as soil improver


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