Monday, 27 August 2012

The Seeds Have Been Chosen: Part 3

My list of seeds for Spring and Summer planting continues...with notes and reasons for choice on some. :)
I'll split them up into suppliers lists:
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
They have a good range of greens that can grow through summer

Cress - Land, American Upland Barbarea vulgaris
Tolerates shade.
Optimal Soil temp 20C 
Chosen as an alternative "Green"
Cucumber - Giant Russian Cucumis sativus
Produces 20cm by 12cm fruits that turns from yellow to orange brown when mature.
Shows resistance to mildew and can be stored for several months.
Optimal Soil temp 35C 
Chosen for Mildew resistance, heavy bearing, ability to store
Orach, Mountain Spinach - Yellow Atriplex hortensis
Summer annual,  will tolerate saline soils,
Use leaves as a salad ingredient or cooked like silverbeet and spinach.
Tall, hardy plants to 1m,
Optimal Soil temp 10-26C 
Chosen as an alternative green following the success of the Purple one last year
Purslane - Golden Large Leaf Portulaca oleracea sativa
Larger than those of the wild herb.
Very high in vitamins and an excellent source of natural antioxidants
Grows well in hot weather
Optimal Soil temp 20C  
Chosen as an alternative green and because it doesn't need a lot of water

Spinach - Egyptian Corchorus olitorius Syn. Malu Khia, Salad Mallow, Melokhai
Very hardy. Grows quickly to 1m.
Optimal Soil temp 20C  
Chosen as an alternative green that I have grown successfully before.


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