Monday, 27 August 2012

The Seeds Have Been Chosen: Part 1

My list of seeds for Spring and Summer planting...with notes and reasons for choice on some. :)
I'll split them up into suppliers lists:

From The Lost Seed

Amaranth - Mekong Red Amaranthus gangeticus
Heirloom Vivid Red dented leaves
Optimal Soil temp 16-30C
Seeds need light for germination
Chosen for colour of leaf and an alternative green

Beans Bush -  Zagreb Soldier Phaseolus nanus
Yugoslavian Heirloom Mature seeds white with brown shoulders
Bush to semi-climbing
Optimal Soil temp 16-30C 15C at least for germination
Chosen for name and colour of bean seed.

Carrot - Chantanay Red Cored Daucas carota var. sativus
French heirloom origin 1800's short broad deep orange root
Optimal Soil temp 10-30C
Chosen for colour

Carrot - Purple Dragon Daucas carota var. sativus
Afghan heirloom dark violet to reddish purple sweet spicy flavour
Optimal Soil Temp 10-30C
Chosen on past performance and colour

Leek - Musselburg Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum
Scottish Heirloom 1834 large thick white stems green tops
Optimal Soil Temp 20C
Chosen because it is a well known type

Lettuce - Darwin Lactuca sativa
Light green wavy leaf compact plant survives in hot conditions
Slow to bolt The Lost Seed
Optimal Soil Temp 8-27C
Chosen for heat tolerance and "slow to bolt"

Lettuce - Canasta Lactuca sativa
Batavian/French heirloom
Shiny light green leaves frilled reddish edges slow to bolt
Optimal Soil temp 8-27C
Chosen for "slow to bolt"

Pumpkin - Musquee De Provence Cucurbita moschata
French heirloom very large flat fruit to 10kg cheese wheel shape
When ripe deep rich brown colour baking
Optimal Soil temp 20-32C 15C at least for germination
Chosen for name and weight.

Pumpkin - Red Warty Thing  Cucurbita maxima
Heirloom huge orange fruit with bumps or warts hard thick rind
Optimal Soil temp 20-32C 15C at least for germination
Chosen for name. What else!!!

Pumpkin - Winter Luxury Cucurbita pepo
aka Livingston's Pie russet coloured with white netting to 4kg
Small seed cavity stores well sweet flesh excellent for baking roasting pancakes etc
Optimal Soil temp 20-32C 15C at least for germination
Chosen for fast maturation, small seed cavity and multi use.

Rockmelon - Hales Best Cucumis melo
Netted skin orange flesh. Disease resistant
Optimal Soil temp 20-32C 18C at least for germination
Chosen for disease resistance

Zucchini -  Golden Cucurbita pepo
Yellow fruit  excellent flavour
Optimal Soil temp 21-35C 23C at least for germination
Chosen for flavour and past performance of this variety


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