Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shingleback Lizard

Shingleback Lizard Tiliqua rugosa
aka Stumpy-tailed Lizard; Boggi;
Sleepy Lizard, Bobtail Lizard,
Two-headed Lizard and Pinecone Lizard

I have been waiting to catch a photo of this lizard for a couple of weeks. I first spotted it seeking a cool damp spot during the heat. Today it was seeking the warmth of the tyres along the driveway that have agapanthus growing in them.
This is a good spot for it to live because the agapanthus are renown for attracting snails and one of the Shinglebacks favourite meals is a snail!!!

Our Shinglebacks have lighter coloured markings than those in other parts of the country probably because it is normally hotter over here!


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