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2010 in Photos

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January 2010

Minimum 6.5C Sunday 3rd
Maximum 40.3C Sunday 10th


Vegetables 6.9kg
Fruit 5.8kg
Eggs 50

Week 1 Potting on seedlings Lettuces, Basil and Kale
Week 2 The new Barnevelders were sounding more like chooks than chirpy chicks
Week 3 The curious bulbils that grow on the top of the flower stalks of the Egyptian Tree Onions (Walking or Topset Onion) Allium proliferum.
Week 4 This net keeps the Cabbage Butterflies out and allows the Brassica seedlings to grow free from attack!
Week 5 The ants were building the sides of their nests up meaning some rain was on the way!

February 2010

Minimum 7.8C Monday 15th
Maximum 37.2C Tuesday 9th

7 mm

Vegetables 8.5kg
Fruit 11.5kg
Eggs 83

Week 1 In between crops the wicking bed soil was pH tested
Week 2 Trials of worm cast brewing began - very successful!
Week 3 A wonderful crop of Watercress in the watergarden shade house
Week 4 As the last of the Black Sultana Grapes were harvested Scruffy moved in to eat the leftovers!

March 2010

Minimum 4.9C Wednesday 10th
Maximum 34.3C Saturday 27th

7 mm

Vegetables 19.8kg
Fruit 11.4kg
Eggs 70

Week 1 Purple Sprouting Broccoli planted in the Almond area wicking Bed gets a net curtain cover!
Week 2 Bed 5 in the Main Veg Garden planted up with the beet family - Silverbeet Rainbow Mixed, Beetroot Golden and Mangelwurzels
Week 3 The Barnevelders lay their first egg!
Week 4 A new batch of compost!

April 2010

Minimum 2C Wednesday 28th
Maximum 29.6C Monday 5th


18 mm


Vegetables 4.9kg
Fruit 16.2kg
Eggs 101

Week1 Newly planted Purple Monaro Garlic sprouting
Week2 The Beet bed in active growth
Week3 The Faverolles first egg
Week 4 The weather is still warm enough to get some late seeds germinating.

May 2010

Minimum -3C Friday 14th
Maximum 25C Monday 3rd

55.8 mm

Vegetables 3.4kg
Fruit 8.5kg
Eggs 167

Week1 Oh no the Cherry tree is flowering!
Week2 Broad Beans sown in February have started to flower
Week3 With the first frost of the season many cuttings were taken. If the "mother plants" get frosted I hope to have standby plants from these cuttings.
Week4 Despite the first frosts there is still plenty to harvest

June 2010

Minimum -4.3C Monday 28th
Maximum 18.2C Thursday 24th

13.5 mm

Vegetables 2.2kg
Fruit 8.5kg
Eggs 186

Week1 The last leaf on the grapevines.
Week2 The Trees For Life were Collected by the landholder.
Week3 Early potatoes being left for 'chitting'
Week4 The arrival of our grandtwins the highlight of the year!

July 2010

Minimum -4C Tuesday 6th
Maximum 18C Friday 30th

28.5 mm

Vegetables 7.1kg
Fruit 0
Eggs 205

Week1 After a couple of -4C frosts the Broad Beans were ruined but became excellent green manure for the future potato crop.
Week2 After 7 frosty mornings even the Elderberry was "so over frost".
Week3 It was so cold even the markets were moved inside!
Week4 Digging around produced two good sized Sweet Potatoes I didn't know were there. The first of the spring seeds were planted this week.

August 2010

Minimum -3.1C Friday 6th
Maximum 19.4C Tuesday 31st


Vegetables 4.4kg
Fruit 0
Eggs 205

Week1 I was clearing the old chook run out ready for more wicking beds to be built
Week2 Purple Sicilian Cauliflower ready for harvest
Week3 The Tomato seedlings were potted on while the Cucurbits were sown
Week4 The first signs of blossoms despite the weather being quite miserable so we were off to visit the 9 week old Grandtwins

September 2010


Minimum -1.2C Saturday 18th
Maximum 20.5C Friday 24th



Vegetables 3.1kg
Fruit 0
Eggs 222

Week1 More atrocious wind storms had many a tree leaning precariously close to death!
Week2 The seedlings were growing fast tucked up in their make shift hothouse in the caravan
Week3 The Mangelwurzel's in the beet bed were growing larger and larger
A new setup for the ever increasing population of compost worms.

October 2010

Minimum -0.2C Thurs/Friday 7&8th
Maximum 29.5C Friday 22nd




Vegetables 9.2kg
Fruit 0
Eggs 306

Week1Following the success of the Dutch Cream potatoes the were planted in early August some Cranberry Red and Bintji Potatoes were planted into the new wicking beds in the old chook run
Week2 The Red Onions and Stuttgart Onions in the Dog Pen wicking bed were growing away!
Week3 Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, the first to be planted out
Week4 We said goodbye to Old Blackie
Week5 Again the Ladybirds came to the rescue of the Plum Tree from Aphid attack

November 2010

Minimum -1.2C Monday 1st
Maximum 34.5C Thursday 11th


Vegetables 24.5kg
Fruit 1.7kg
Eggs 242

Week1 A great Celery harvest despite a late frost on 1 Nov
Week2 Time to enjoy the Strawberries
Week3 Broad Beans were ready in the Kitchen Garden
Week4 A second planting of Carrots after the first was destroyed by earwigs!

December 2010

Minimum 5.2C Tuesday 21st
Maximum 41C Friday 31st


Vegetables 19.27kgs
Fruit 2.26kgs
Eggs 210

Week 1 We moved the Barnevelder chooks to the more shaded run under the Mulberry tree.
Week 2 41mm of rain fell this week!
Week 3 The first Tomatoes are ripening.
Week 4 Beautiful potatoes for a colourful salad.

Total Harvest for 2010: 174.2kg
2055 Eggs

Rainfall for 2010: 350.6 mm


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