Thursday, 28 May 2009

Trees For Life - Ordering Season

Trees For Life adverts are appearing in the local papers right now!

This scheme is for landholders in South Australia.
Through this scheme volunteers (like us)
will grow up to 500 indigenous plant seedlings for you
or you may grow your own (up to 1000) for your own use.

Help Re-Vegetate SA Now...
...only we can do it!

Phone now to join (08) 8406 0500
or email:

Contact Trees For Life on the same number
if you'd like to become a volunteer grower!


  1. Go guys, well done. I wish I were is SA. The mice pinched all my R/River gum and Yorky seeds. Cheers Muzzy

  2. What a fantastic idea! So many long term problems in the environment are caused by invasive exotic plants. ie. plants which were not meant to be there and were brought in by travellers. More vegitation will help cool the planet!


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