Monday, 14 April 2008

That was the Rain...for now!

Garden Log: 13 Apr 08

A good forecast of rain on Friday
brought a total of just over 1mm. neutral
Autumn is really in the air now.
There's a chill in the evenings
And morning temps are dropping.

With a high chance of rain
I pulled back the shade covers in the main veg area,
removing some altogether.
With some holidays coming up
some of the major re-organisation
needs to start happening in here.

Meanwhile out the back the Path Edge Picking Bed has been planted up.
Well advanced seedling brassicas, Broccoli, a survivor Kale (that wilted badly during the heatwave but has now recovered) and one Mini Cauliflower.
These were planted towards the back of the bed.

Along the edge I've planted Silverbeet, Cepar (Apium graveolens var. Secalinum), Welsh Onions, Shallots, Egyptian Tree Onions and Lettuce.

Some Companion Plants of Thyme and Yarrow were added to the Sage, Greek and Common Oregano, Sweet Marjoram and Curry Plants (Helichrysum italicum) that were already there.

Also some Bronze Fennel which was planted out of the way a bit because it's not really a friendly plant.
I also popped in some seeds of Warrigal Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides) which may or may not germinate depending on the weather.

I have also planted some purple flowering, climbing Roi de Carouby Snow Peas (seedlings) along the trellis so they can grow when the grapevines have dropped their leaves. I also popped a few seeds of Kelveden Wonder Dwarf Peas into the wicking boxes to see if they will grow.

When these were planted it was quite warm so I put some shade cloth over some of the bed and at the first sighting of a Cabbage White Butterfly I popped a curtain over.

Later in the week with drizzly falling rain I removed both these covers. The butterflies have left the brassicas alone for now but I'll keep an eye on them just the same.

Perhaps those Companion Plants
will do their job.



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