Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sewing Shade Cloth

I've had a few queries recently about how I attach the shade cloth to the black hoses we use as frames in the garden.

Shade cloth is very versitile being available in several densities from 90% people shade to 50% plant some areas it may be possible to get lower densities but in SA I've struggled for a couple of years to find 50%.
The usual response to my question was...they don't make shade cloth in 50%...and...what would you want that for anyway...argh!!

Stretching shade cloth over frameworks is the best way to work with it. Over wood it is easy to attach the cloth with batterns or special 'gang' type 'nails' that are sold for the purpose.
Sometimes special clips can be purchased for attaching the cloth to round metal or plastic poles. You can use short pieces of the poly hose cut through to act as a clamp.

However I find that it is very easy to sew and that making hems is by far the easiest method of attaching.

Using a strong polyester thread is best and I use the tripple stitch that is actually for sewing stretch fabric on my machine. If I have to join 2 pieces of cloth together I make 2-3 seams depending on how much stress will be on the joint.

The sun will make the thread deteriorate quite fast. I have tried using nylon threads and even fishing line but these didn't last long at all.

I use a double fold hem and the first fold is sewn with a tripple zig-zag stitch. Then the fold is stitched with the tripple stretch stitch.

I measure the width of the hem to fit over the pipes easily and either leave the cloth loose to allow the cover to be moved with the sun or where this is not necessary Doc attaches it with a small 'tech' screw attached through to the poly pipe. This method keeps the cloth secure.

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