Sunday, 2 December 2007

November 07 Journal Notes

" The Value of Keeping Records"

A little trouble taken to keep notes of garden operations, the season, rainfall, time of sowing, planting, blooming, ripening will return in the course of a few years an amount of information which will prove invaluable, therefore we suggest that every beginner make a few notes from month to month; this will enable him rapidly to improve his methods and become an expert gardener."
-Yates Garden Guide 1933

In keeping with this advice I post a summary each month from my Garden Journal. That is the word processor version of my scribbled notes I write by hand into a notebook.

Friday 2nd November Min 10.9°C Max 15.4°C
42mm Rain
8 Eggs
After work I planted out come Golden Rod, Mirabilis, Petunias, Scented Geranium and Daisy plants into the edge beds in the Main Vegetable Garden
After dark went out with torch in hand on Snail Scrunch Patrol.

Saturday 10th
November Min 11.8°C Max 29°C
10 Eggs
Raked up mulch from chook pergola. It was still damp from the rain last week, it was used to mulch Beds 1 & 4
Hoed up Potatoes in Bed 2.
Dug some soil from beneath the mulch in chook pergola and used this 'compost' to add with coir and potting mix for some potting-on mixture.
Filled 12 growing-on pots ready for San Marzano Tomato and Lebanese Mini Cucumber seedlings to be potted up later in the week.
Filled 3 boxes for potting up Basil seedlings tomorrow.
Potted up some Tomato plants that had out grown their growing pots: 1 San Marzano, 1 Pacesetter and 5 Ida Golds.
Made shade cloth cover for a water container.

Sunday 11th
November Min 12°C Max 30.4°C
9 Eggs
Planted Basil in the waiting boxes 2 containing mainly Sweet Basil will stay in the Hot house where they are enjoying growing without pest attack and 1 box of Purple Basil was put under the back pergola.

Potted up some cuttings and plants for garden club later in the week. Some Cream Daisies, Yellow Euryops, Ivy Geranium, Scented Geraniums, Santolina, Orange Peel Thyme, Pink Rosemary.

Also potted up some Grapevine cuttings I'd taken earlier in the year:
2 x Thompson Seedless Table Grape
5x Pink Lady Finger Grapes

Friday 16th
November Min 16.3°C Max 34°C
10 Eggs
Hammered star pickets into the edges of Beds 1, 2 & 4 ready for attaching more shade cloth to tomorrow.

Used trampoline frame to attach shade cloth to for shade over Bed 3 as was not possible to hammer in star pickets far enough.

Saturday 17th
November Min 13°C Max 35°C
8 Eggs
Sewed hems on and attached shade cloth to beds 1, 2 and 4.

Friday 23rd
November Min 9°C Max 26.1°C
9 Eggs
Cleared plants from Pergola Bed ready for a new wicking water beds for some gourds for Doc.

Saturday 24th
November Min 8.6°C Max 30°C
7 Eggs

Doc dug soil out for his Gourd bed. We built a wicking water bed because this area of the garden is very hot and dry and also has gum tree roots in it.
I intend to use mainly grey water for this bed as we will not be eating the gourds. Waiting seedlings were planted, some Bean Gourds and some from seeds form a previous crop of gourds so there may be some surprising shapes this year!
Used an old wire bed frame to act as a trellis for the gourds to grow up and over the 'tank' shed.

Sunday 25th Min 11.4°C Max 30.8°C
8 Eggs
Attached a piece of shade cloth over the gourds to further reduce evaporation.
Full Moon so the chooks had crushed garlic and ground pumpkin seeds added to their morning mash.
Made up more potting mix to fill some salad boxes and large pots for planting later this week.

Tuesday 27th Min 12.9°C Max 33.1°C
9 Eggs

Planted into salad boxes and pots under the back pergola:
Mints- Ginger, Egyptian, Moroccan, Chocolate.
French Tarragon
Lebanese Cress
Lettuce Mixed Loose Leaf

Wednesday 28th Min 14.5°C Max 31.7°C
8 Eggs
Put Mesh back onto Bed 10 as a trellis for the growing Blue Lake Beans to climb
Fitted hose connections back to Strawberry Beds to enable both tap (when permitted) and container watering.
Pinched out Basil flowering tips to encourage bushier growth.

A summary of Egg totals and Weather details:
254 Eggs from the new girls, approx (??) 25 from the old girls.
Lowest Minimum Temp was 4.9°C The mean minimum was 11.4°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 37.8°C The mean maximum was 15.4°C
Rainfall total was 60 mm
eek for the month with the average for November being 25.3mm.


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