Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hot House Conversion.

Summer is here and the temperatures seems to rise more everyday. The little plastic hot house (See here how it was built) was getting way too hot inside. The thermometer I've put inside only registers to 50C so I've no idea just how hot it was getting.


Earlier in the season I put a cover of shadecloth over the roof leaving the plastic in situ.
Now I have removed the front and rear panels of plastic and replaced them with leftover pieces of shadecloth.
I chose the lighter colour for the front to keep light levels up but in the rear where light wasn't so important I've used a black piece I had.


Already the temps have dropped to a more bearable level with the flow through of air this now allows.
I can now continue to use this house as a propagating area as well as continuing to grow the boxes of Basil that are enjoying the consistent conditions and the bug free environment.


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