Sunday, 30 December 2007

Garden Log: 30 Dec 07

Last garden log update for 2007!!
As we head into another heatwave this week we've had no rain. Christmas weather was pleasant and it has gradually warmed up during the week.

Main planting this week was on Bed 4 Tip Top Carrots. This is a late planting this year and probably ill timed with this heatwave coming but they are in non the less. They have been covered with an old curtain to keep the sun off.
In the half of Bed 10, where the tomatoes were removed, I've planted some purchased Beetroot Globe seedlings and some 5 Coloured Silverbeet seedlings I had growing in the shade house.

I potted up some Thyme and Greek Basil seedlings I purchased and some Greek Oregano pieces I dug up while I tidied the side of the pergola garden bed.

On Wednesday I made up a mixture of compost, coir-peat and loam to top up the wicking-worm beds...they seem to need more depth of soil as the temperatures increase but are still producing well.

I also re-built the worm farm removing all the bedding, castings and some worms and added these to the wicking bed top-up too. The worm farm has been re-made with fresh bedding (coir-peat), molasses soaked shredded paper and saved worms.

So far I haven't need to spray the tomatoes with anything stronger than water-seaweed solution in a hand mister concentrating mainly on the backs of the leaves. The new growth so far looks OK.

On Friday I made up a batch of plum sauce from a bucketful of Santa Rosa plums. Go Here for the recipe. The wattlebirds have discovered these plums and although not quite ripe they are eating them!! They must be hungry this year!
Since Wednesday I've mainly spent my time hand watering and topping up ponds in anticipation of the coming heat.


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